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Palmyra Township Road Department
3956 State Route 225
Diamond, OH 44412
Phone: (330) 654-4098 Ext. 114
Fax: (330) 654-4973
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Steve Coss, Road Supervisor

The Palmyra Township Road Department consists of three employees: the Road Supervisor and a Cemetery Care Taker.

The Road Department has the task of maintaining the township roads within Palmya Township. These Roads total over 13.921 miles. Some of the Road Department's responsibilities include:

  • Snow and ice removal
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of roadside ditches and storm water systems
  • Maintenance of brush, weeds, and trees in the road right-of-way
  • Maintenance of road name and traffic signs
  • Maintenance and repair of road equipment and buildings
  • Maintenance of township cemeteries

The township roads include:

  • Cole St.
  • Corbett Rd.
  • Crawford St.
  • Depot St.
  • Fisher Rd.
  • Headley Rd.
  • Henderson Rd.
  • High St.
  • Jones Rd. ( North of CR 18 )
  • Mason St.
  • Prairie Circle
  • Scotts Corner Rd.
  • Whippoorwill Rd
  • Williams Rd. ( between SR 225 and McClintocksburg Rd )
  • Winding Creek

Maintenance of the following roads in the township is the responsibility of the Portage County Enginneer, who can be contacted at(330) 296-6411:

  • Alliance Rd.
  • Cable Line Rd.
  • John Thomas Rd.
  • Jones Rd. ( south of CR 18 )
  • Mahoning Rd.
  • McClintocksburg Rd.
  • Tallmadge Rd. ( CR 18 )
  • Wayland Rd.
  • Williams Rd. ( between McClintocksburg Rd. and Mahoning Rd. )
  • Yale Rd.

Maintenance of the following road in the township is the responsibility of the Ohio Department of Transportation, which can be reached at (330) 786-2232:

  • SR 225
  • Universal Dr.
  • I-76

Township cemeteries include:

  • North Cemetery
  • Palmyra West Cemetery
  • Robinson Cemetery
  • Welsh Cemetery
  • Whippoorwill Cemetery

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Road Department
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