Road Department

Road Department

The Palmyra Township Road Department consists of three employees: the Road Supervisor and a Cemetery Care Taker.

The Road Department has the task of maintaining the township roads within Palmya Township. These Roads total over 13.921 miles. Some of the Road Department’s responsibilities include:

  • Snow and ice removal
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of roadside ditches and storm water systems
  • Maintenance of brush, weeds, and trees in the road right-of-way
  • Maintenance of road name and traffic signs
  • Maintenance and repair of road equipment and buildings
  • Maintenance of township cemeteries

Not all roads within the township are township roads.  Please see below for details.


Palmyra Township Road Department
3956 State Route 225
Diamond, OH 44412
Phone: (330) 654-4098 Ext. 114
Fax: (330) 654-4973
Steve Coss, Road Supervisor

The township roads include:

  • Cole St.
  • Corbett Rd.
  • Crawford St.
  • Depot St.
  • Fisher Rd.
  • Headley Rd.
  • Henderson Rd.
  • High St.
  • Jones Rd. ( North of CR 18 )
  • Mason St.
  • Prairie Circle
  • Scotts Corner Rd.
  • Whippoorwill Rd
  • Williams Rd. ( between SR 225 and McClintocksburg Rd )
  • Winding Creek

Maintenance of the following roads in the township is the responsibility of the Portage County Enginneer, who can be contacted at(330) 296-6411:

  • Alliance Rd.
  • Cable Line Rd.
  • John Thomas Rd.
  • Jones Rd. ( south of CR 18 )
  • Mahoning Rd.
  • McClintocksburg Rd.
  • Tallmadge Rd. ( CR 18 )
  • Wayland Rd.
  • Williams Rd. ( between McClintocksburg Rd. and Mahoning Rd. )
  • Yale Rd.

Maintenance of the following road in the township is the responsibility of the Ohio Department of Transportation, which can be reached at (330) 786-2232:

  • SR 225
  • Universal Dr.
  • I-76

Township cemeteries include:

  • North Cemetery
  • Palmyra West Cemetery
  • Robinson Cemetery
  • Welsh Cemetery
  • Whippoorwill Cemetery


    1. Lots may be purchased by a head of a family through the Cemetery Sexton, Fiscal Officer or any Palmyra Township Trustee. Lots may be purchased individually or a maximum of four lots. Upon payment in full for the price of lot, a deed will be prepared and recorded by the Fiscal Officer of the Palmyra Township Board of Trustees. A copy of such deed will be forwarded to the purchaser by the Fiscal Officer. Fees for cemetery lots and services are set annually in the month of January by the Palmyra Township Board of Trustees and can be amended as necessary. Separate fees apply to township residents and non-township residents.

      Verification of residency will be required if unknown by township official selling the lot. Acceptable forms would be a valid drivers license, current voter registration card, real estate tax bill, utility bill.

    2. Owners of cemetery lots acquire the right of burial only, and are subject to the Rules and Regulations contained herein or that might be made in the future by the Palmyra Township Board of Trustees. Unused lots may be used by heirs of the purchaser with the purchaser’s written, notarized permission if still living, or by agreement of all surviving heirs with their written, notarized permission. Lots cannot be transferred to a non-heir. Unused lots may be returned to the township for resale. Any refund of original purchase price will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

      If purchaser transfers all lots to either heirs or back to the township, he/she will be ineligible to purchase any additional lots.

    3. No grave may be opened until the purchase price is paid or arrangements for payment are made with the Palmyra Township Board of Trustees.

    1. No monument/headstone may be erected unless the purchase price of the lot is paid in full.

    2. Wood crosses and/or temporary grave markers will be removed after one year.

    3. It is recommended that monument/headstone footers not be poured until one year after burial. Only Palmyra Township Cemetery workers are permitted to install monument/headstone footers.

    4. Any person defacing a monument/headstone shall be prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio.

    1. Flowers may be planted at the head of the grave site only. Wreaths and decorations also are to be placed at the head of the grave site. None may extend 12″ beyond the monument/headstone. Monument /headstone saddles are permitted.

    2. Planting of trees, shrubbery or bushes must have prior approval of the Palmyra Township Board of Trustees.

    3. Approved plantings become the sole responsibility of the lot owner and the Cemetery Sexton or Palmyra Township Board of Trustees reserve the right to remove any and all decorations or plantings not properly cared for or that they deem unsightly or detrimental to adjacent lots, headstones, paths, or drives.

    4. Lot enclosures of any kind are prohibited (fences, stones, rocks, landscape timbers).

    5. Glass, stone or marble chips, glass containers, wire or steel pins, and loose landscape materials of any kind are prohibited.

    6. Improvements of lots by private parties shall be done at the consent of the Palmyra Township Board of Trustees or Cemetery Sexton.

    7. All summer flowers, wreaths, or decorations must be removed by October 1st. All winter decorations or wreaths must be removed by April 1st.

    1. Visitors are permitted in the cemetery from dawn to dusk.

    2. Alcoholic beverages and weapons are prohibited.

    3. Firearms are permitted in the cemetery when being used in conjunction with military funerals or Memorial Day services.

    4. No private person(s) shall bury cremation remains or spread cremation remains over any part of the cemetery. This act is criminal and will be prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio. Cemetery Sexton must perform all burials of cremation remains which must be in a sturdy container.

    5. All burials shall be made using an approved metal or concrete vault.

    6. Children must be accompanied by their parent or other person responsible for their conduct.

    7. Dogs, horses or other animals are not permitted in the cemetery at any time.

    8. Unlicensed or recreational type vehicles are not permitted in the cemetery.

    9. Licensed motor vehicles shall be operated and parked on driveways only – except cemetery equipment necessary for operation of the cemetery.

    10. Burial of animals or pets of any kind is prohibited.

    11. The Palmyra Township Board of Trustees and cemetery employees have charge of cemetery grounds, buildings, equipment, and at all times have supervision and control of all persons in the Cemetery, including the conduct of funerals, traffic, plot owners and visitors.

    12. The Palmyra Township Board of Trustees and cemetery employees have the power to enforce all Rules and Regulations and to exclude from the property any person or persons violating same.

    13. The Palmyra Township Board of Trustees and cemetery employees are not liable for any items placed on any grave site or left at the cemetery by the owner or other persons.