Zoning appeals meeting Nov 17 2016

Carolyn Pfieffer-Fiala (Chairperson) Mitch McLay (Vice-Chairman)
(330) 697-8599   (330) 654-9212  
Jeffery Swenton Lynn Mollohan Jamie Brawley
(330) 654-0801 (330) 654-9769 (330) 654-5128
Sandy Nutter (Zoning Inspector)   Kim Spencer (Secretary)
(330) 654-5332     (330) 646-3646

The Palmyra Zoning of Appeals held their meeting on November 17, 2016 at the Palmyra Fire Station. In attendance were Chairman Carolyn Pfieffer-Fiala, Vice-Chairman Mitch McLay, Jamie Brawley, Jeffery Swenton, and Zoning Inspector Sandy Nutter, and Secretary Kim Spencer.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Minutes from July 28, 2016 were read by Kim Spencer.

Chairman’s report:

John Mack withdrawled his appeal for the Bed and Breakfast. His application fee has been refunded to him.

Virgil & Carolyn Reagan of 4937 John Thomas Rd, Ravenna Ohio 44266, wants to buy the house on 8372 Tallmadge Rd. Ravenna, Ohio 444266 and build a garage 50X70 behind the house.

Discussion by members for variance ensued.

Carolyn Pfieffer-Fiala made a motion to issue a conditional use variance for home business that engages trucks:

Article 3 Section 303 Permitted Use

Article 4 Section 410 Residential District

Section 410-1 Uses Permitted

Mitch McLay seconded the motion, and all were in favor. The motion passed.

A motion to adjourn meeting by Carolyn Pfieffer-Fiala at 7:41pm. Motion seconded by Mitch McLay, and unanimously approved.

At 7:42 pm November 17, 2016

A Special Meeting was called to Order by Carolyn Pfieffer-Fiala to approve the minutes from the November meeting.

The November minutes were read by Kim Spencer, A motion by Jamie Brawley to accept the minutes as read was seconded by Carolyn Pfieffer-Fiala, and all approved.

Minutes: Denied_____    Accepted__X         Without Correction__X  With Corrections_____

Carolyn Pfieffer-Fiala_X   Mitch McLay_X

Jamie Brawley_X   Lynn Mollohan____  Jeffery Swenton_X

Minutes Read Kim Spencer

Submitted by

Kim Spencer ______


Mitch McLay made a motion to adjourn the meeting, it was 2nd by Jeffery Swenton, and all approved.