Bid opening minutes 7/8/2019

Bid Opening called to order by Chairperson Michael at 7:04 p.m. with Trustees Deffenbaugh and Dunn and Fiscal Officer Cofojohn present.

One sealed envelope was received.

Chairman Michael opened the envelope and read it to the attendees.

S.K. Masonry Services LLC bid $15,064 for masonry work on Cemetery Chapel.

Chairman Michael will contact Portage County Prosecuting Attorney to see how we can proceed.

RESOLUTION #19-106:  Motion by Michael to close the bid opening at 7:07 p.m., seconded by Dunn.

Roll Call:   Michael-yes, Dunn-yes, Deffenbaugh-yes.

___________________________                                __________________________________

Henry Michael, Chairperson                                                     Kathleen S. Cofojohn, Fiscal Officer

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