Public Hearing 10/7/2021 unofficial minutes

Public hearing called to order by Chairperson Vaughan at 7:00 p a.m. with Trustees Dunn and Michael and Fiscal Officer Cofojohn present. Others present included Tom Cowen, Mike Wohlwend, Owen MacMillon, Nicole Jones, Lori Michael, Connie Barber, Linda Spencer, Butch Spencer, Jane Heavner, Joyce Stanley, Angela Brissey, Karen McLay, Mitch McLay, Tom Grund, Will Vesia, Cindy Vesia, Bill Vesia,, Natalie Dechant Reele, Beth Vesco Mock, Pinky Patel, Rakesh Patel, Terry Mott and Jennifer Grey and others who did not sign the attendance form.

Chairman Vaughan led all in attendance with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Chairman Vaughan instructed the crowd as to the purpose of the public hearing and the rules to follow.  The purpose of the public hearing was to decide whether a portion (2.91 acres according to application) of parcel 26-104-00-00-107-000 located on Tallmadge road between the old school and the Brissey residence should be rezoned from residential to commercial for the purpose of constructing a Dollar General Store.

Tom Cowen and Mike Wohlwend reviewed the proposed plans and changes made to the plans to accommodate the Brissey concerns based on the Board of Zoning Commission public hearing.

Each Trustee was given time to ask questions.  Their questions included why build another Dollar General When there are 11 stores within just ten miles; How would they help schools, township and fire department and how much of the investment would be for the Township.  Tom Cowen reported that the density was not a problem because the Dollar Generals are very profitable. He further explained that Dollar General store have a literacy program across the country. The Township may or may not benefit from the literacy program. He also reported the investment is in the building only.

Few residents were in favor of the construction of a Dollar General Store.  Their comments included that they could save gas money by locating the store in the township; Dollar General sells different items than the current convenience store, increase in tax base and revenue were also mentioned.

Most residents were not in favor of the Dollar General being located in the Township of Palmyra.  Their concerns included that Palmyra does not need a Dollar General when so many are very close by; opening a convenience store could potentially put the current Little Village Shopper out of business; what happens when the Dollar General goes out of business and another unwanted business locates the area.

Angela Brissey, resident most affected by the proposal, took the floor and explained all the concerns not only with the Dollar General proposal but also the current store located on her west side.  Her concerns included the delivery noise; dust and construction mess; inability to sell her home; and safety concerns as she currently reports drug activity in the parking lot of Palmyra Little Village Shopper to the Portage County Sherriff’s office because they can’t make it to the scene in time to catch the activity. One resident commented that the zoning in place should protect the Brissey’s from this change.

The crowd was reminded that the matter before the Board was to decide whether to amend the zoning resolution of that property from residential to commercial.

RESOLUTION #21-173:  Motion by Vaughan   to amend the zoning resolution and change 2.91 acres of parcel 26-104-00-00-107-000 from residential to commercial use property, seconded by Dunn.

Roll Call: Vaughan-No, Dunn-No, Michael-No.

RESOLUTION #21-174:  Motion by Vaughan to adjourn at 8:01 p.m., seconded by Michael.

Roll Call:   Vaughan-yes, Michael-yes, Dunn-yes.

___________________________                                __________________________________

Bradley Vaughan, Chairperson                                     Kathleen S. Cofojohn, Fiscal Officer

______________________________                          ___________________________________

Robert Dunn, Vice- Chairman                                       Henry Michael, Trustee

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