Special Meeting 7/7/2020

Special meeting called to order by Chairperson Michael at 9:36 a.m. with Trustees Deffenbaugh and Dunn and Fiscal Officer Cofojohn present.

The purpose of the special meeting was to discuss the 2020 chip seal project.

Chairman Michael reported he spoke with Mike Collins from the Portage County Engineer’s office regarding our options to get the chip seal project completed in 2020.  Mike reported it is too late to bid the project to get results before the weather changes.  Mike reported there is another option called “Direct Select” which has the same limitations as having the county perform the work.  The Township needs to get a quote from the County and other vendors; the project cannot be for more than $45,000. After a brief discussion, Chairman Michael recommended we try this option.

RESOLUTION #20-97:  Motion by Michael to obtain a quote from the Portage County Engineer’s office for a Direct Select chip seal of Whippoorwill Section A and Mason, Cole and Depot roads, seconded by Dunn.

Roll Call: Dunn-yes, Michael-yes, Deffenbaugh-yes.

RESOLUTION #20-98:  Motion by Michael to adjourn the special meeting at 9:41 a.m., seconded by Deffenbaugh.

Roll Call:   Michael-yes, Deffenbaugh-yes, Dunn-yes.

___________________________                                __________________________________

Henry Michael, Chairperson                                          Kathleen S. Cofojohn, Fiscal Officer

______________________________                          ___________________________________

James Deffenbaugh, Vice- Chairman                           Robert Dunn, Trustee

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